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Learning Our Addition Strategies



Ready for your students to FINALLY stop counting on their fingers? This pack focuses on learning and utilizing addition strategies. There are posters, crafts, activities, flap-books, pocket-books, sorts, word problems, and more!


  • Strategy Cards for:
    • Counting On
    • Double Up
    • Related Facts
    • Make Ten
    • Flip-Flop
    • Make a Model
  • Making Doubles Craft: Double Dude (all templates included) Plus a template to make a Making Tens Man! Students display their facts on craft
  • Related Facts House Craft- students make a fact family house (all templates included)
  • Flip-Flop Strategy Craft– students make flip flops to show their strategy
  • Addition Flap-Books (3 options)- students write addition facts for the sums given
  • Addition Pocket-Book– students solve addition problems and sort by strategy: Making Ten and Double Up
  • Make a Model Practice Page
  • Related Facts Sort
  • 3 Games:
    • It’s War
    • Flip-Flop Match
    • Count On!
  • My Addition Booklet- 5 addition word problems


For Subtraction Strategies, Look Here: Subtraction Strategies


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