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Fall Math Stations



Do you incorporate math stations into your day? These 11 math stations help my kiddos continue working on skills that we’ve already learned, as well as get them prepared for future math concepts! These fall-themed math stations include addition and subtraction within 20, working with 3-digit numbers, word problems, skip counting, and more!

Here’s what you’ll find in this unit:
4-8 Pumpkin Problems: Adding fluently with sums up to 20
9-13 What’s the Answer: Subtracting fluently within 20
14-17 Piling Up Place Value: Place Value with 3 Digit Numbers
18-21 Ordering Apples: Putting 3 Digit Numbers in order from least to greatest
22-26 Comparing Numbers: Comparing 3 Digit Numbers
27-32 Missing Addends
33-35 The Pumpkin Patch: Skip Counting by 5s (find the missing number)
36-38 Skip Counting Corn: Skip Counting by 10s (find the missing number)
39-44 Number Puzzles: Match the number, number word, value, and even/odd
45-48 Word Problems: Addition and Subtraction (mixed)
49-53 Cover Up: Students follow directions to cover up numbers on a 100s chart

**Please note that these stations are only in Color. However, I have made these so that they can easily be printed in grayscale without ruining the quality! They are not very ink-heavy, but do have a dash of color!!**


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