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2nd Grade Spelling Worksheets



Are you looking to spice up your weekly spelling lists and activities? I have organized 35 spelling lists with coordinating activities for the entire year of 2nd grade! Each list has between 10-12 activities that can easily be printed (all black and white) and completed by your students.

Here’s what the lists focus on each week:
1. short a
2. short e
3. short i
4. short o
5. short u
6. long a/silent e
7. long i/silent e
8. long o/silent e
9. long u/silent e
10. ee, ea
11. ai, ya
12. igh, y
13. oa, ow
14. ar
15. eer, ear
16. er, ir, ur
17. or, ore, oar
18. air, are
19. ou, ow
20. oy, oi
21. oo, ui, ew
22. oo, ou
23. aw, au
24. ie
25. ei, ea
26. soft, hard c
27. soft, hard g
28. open syllables
29. closed syllables
30. prefixes
31. suffixes
32. contractions
33. inflectional ending -ed
34. inflectional ending -ing
35. str, scr. spr

Each list has the following activities:
1. Spelling List to send home
2. ABC Order
3. Spelling Sentences (students write 6 sentences with their words)
4. Which Word (students choose the correct spelling of the word)
5. Write a Story
6. Unscramble
7. Spelling Test Paper
8. Making Words
9. Valuable Words (students total up the value of the word)
10. Cursive Writing- students write their spelling words in cursive (with D’Nealian handwriting)

Some lists also have…
11. Word Sorts
12. Brainstorming Words

Please take time to look through the list focus above. Also, these lists are NOT differentiated, there are 15 words per list and each activity involves all 15 words. The activities are repetitive from week to week.


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