Learning Our Subtraction Strategies



Are you looking to pump up your subtraction activities? This unit will help teach your students different subtraction strategies, and make learning lots of fun! If you enjoyed my Addition Strategies unit then hopefully you will love this one as well!

Here’s what is included:
-7 Strategy Posters: Counting Up, Counting Back, Subtract All, Subtract Zero, Using Doubles, Related Facts, Make a Model (and small posters for students as well)
-Subtraction Resources: Numbers Line to 10, Number Line to 20, Open Number Line, Hundreds Chart in 3 sizes (all for student use)
-2 Subtraction Pocket Books: Subtract All and Zero, and Sort Answers by Even/Odd
-2 Subtraction Flapbooks with problems to sort
-Subtraction Booklet- students draw pictures to solve the subtraction word problems (8 pages)
-Pop Those Problems- a Subtraction Hot Air Balloon Craftivity
-Extra Practice: Make a model, Solve and Sort, 2 Spin and Subtract printables
-4 Subtraction Stations:
1. Subtraction match-up
2. Subtraction True/False
3. Find the Difference
4. Order the Answers


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