Spider Charts, Activities, and Research



Your students will love learning, reading, and researching about SPIDERS! I’ve included several class sorts/charts, as well as independent activities for students to complete! You’ll also find spider research, a cute spider craft, AND a fun spider fact hat for your students! Please check out the preview for more info!

p 3: Spider Books and Websites
p 4-13: Fact vs Opinion sorting cards
p 14-15: Fact vs Opinion student sort
p 16-21: True vs False sorting cards
p 22-23: True vs False student sort
p 24-27: Fact vs Fiction sorting cards
p 28-29: Fact vs Fiction student sort
p 30-41: Spider Research, Spider Types research materials
p 42-50: Spider Writing Craftivity
p 51-54: Spider KWL chart materials and student sheet
p 55-58: Spider Can Have Are chart materials and student sheet
p 59-62: Spider Diagram Chart materials and Label the Spider student sheet
p 63-67: Spiders Action/Describe Chart materials and student sheet
p 68-71: Spider vs Insect Venn Diagram chart materials and student sheet
p 72-75: Spider Fact Hat


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