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Math Centers: 10 Penguin Math Stations



Math stations are a great way to review math skills throughout the year. Students work together in groups to spiral math skills and standards. These penguin math stations are great to add to math center work throughout the winter.


  • Order Those Penguins– Students will put three numbers in order from least to greatest and highlight all even numbers.
  • Greater or Less Than?– Students will use the comparing numbers symbols to complete the number sentences. Students will highlight all even numbers.
  • Missing Penguins– Students use a place value mat to write the number given in word form, expanded form, identify whether it is even or odd, and draw the place value blocks. Then, students will write the expanded form of each number on the recording sheet.
  • Mittens, Mittens– Students will add 10 & 100 and subtract 10 & 100
  • New Skates Needed– Students match the numbers to their expanded form. Then, students put the numbers in order from least to greatest.
  • Snowball Fight– students will sort numbers by even and odd
  • Penguin Problems– students will solve 8 word problems (addition, subtraction, extra info, multi-step)
  • True or False– students sort the addition and subtraction facts
  • Cold Feet- students match 3D shapes with their names and fill out a chart with the number of edges, vertices, and faces.
  • Missing Hats– students match 2D shapes with their names and fill out a chart with the number of vertices and sides.


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