3 Digit Subtraction with Regrouping



Looking for some new activities to use while teaching how to subtract while regrouping with 3-Digit Numbers? These activities will motivate your students and help mix things up in your classroom! Here’s what is inside:

-Regroup/Don’t Regroup Pocket Book {3-Digit}
-Even/Odd Pocket Book {3-Digit}
-I Spy Subtraction {Regrouping in the ones place}
-I Spy Subtraction {Regrouping in the tens and ones place}
-Triple Digit Subtraction Word Problem Scoot
-Show Your Work Flap-Books {2}
-Regroup/Don’t Regroup Flapbook {3-Digit}
-Even/Odd Flapbook {3-Digit)
-2 Subtract and Match Printables {3-Digit}
-Spin and Subtract with spinners
-Roll and Subtract (just need dice)


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