3 Digit Addition and Subtraction Math Stations



Are you looking for fun 3-digit addition and subtraction stations/activities that can be used at any point in the year? This pack includes 5 3-digit addition stations (with regrouping) and 5 3-digit subtraction stations (with regrouping). In this unit I have included both colored and black/white versions for each station! Here’s the details:

3 Digit Addition with Regrouping Math Centers:
Scoopin’ Up Addition: Add and Match
Spin Me Around: Spin and Add
Poppin’ Up Addition: Add and Sort by Even/Odd
Farmer Brown’s Addition Crew: Add and Order Sums from Least to Greatest
It’s a Whale of a Problem: Add and Compare Sums

3-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping Math Centers:
Racing Through Subtraction: Subtract and Match and Sort by Even/Odd
Buggy Subtraction: Spin and Subtract
Snap and Subtract: Subtract and Sort by Regrouping/Don’t Regroup
Begging For Answers: A Subtraction Board Game
Chew and Subtract: Subtract and Sort by True/False Differences


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