Write On! Unit 8: Poetry {A 10 Day Writing Unit}



This 10 Day Writing Unit will encourage your students to become authors of different types of poetry. Week 1 will take you through the writing process for writing a 5 Senses Poem and Week 2 will allow your students to learn five different types of poetry. Week 2 is modeled a little different so that students get as much exposure to poetry as possible!

Here’s a peek at the lessons:
Week 1: 5 Senses Poem about Popcorn
– Brainstorming adjectives about popcorn- Chart and Printable
– Writing a 5 Senses Poem with Template
– Revising with Similes: Simile French Fry Chart and Student Booklet
– Editing for Capitals and Punctuation: Students put a poem together and edit
– Close Editing Steps
– Publishing a Popcorn Craft

Week 2: Poetry Book
Students will assemble a poetry book that is in the shape of a flower pot. Each day students add to their booklet and will publish it on a flower pot craft at the end of the week. There are digital charts for each day with the rules and patterns of the poems.
– Acrostic Poem
– Number Poem
– Cinquain Poem
– Simile Self Portrait
– I am Poem

Daily Poems: 10 poems that can be used in student journals for analyzing and reading poetry. Poetry Frames that can be used for journal writing or in a writing center.

Write On Components:
-How to group students
-Writing Folder Materials
-Status of the Class Materials
-Writing Templates
-Setting Goals Anchor Chart Materials
-How to Use Rubrics
-How to Set Up Your Writing Block

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This unit was made by Hope King and Amy Lemons! We hope you enjoy! There is a lot included in this unit, so make sure you check out the preview!


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