1st Grade Magic of Math Unit 9: Money and Financial Literacy



Are you looking to hit those Common Core Standards or TEKS during your math block? We have 10 days worth of money and financial literacy activities that will have your students thinking critically while counting coins! Please note this unit was made only for United States currency. It will not be made for other currency types. These activities are hands-on AND engaging for your little learners! Here’s what is included:

The Magic Of Math Unit 9 for FIRST GRADE focuses on:
Week One: Money and Counting Coins
Week Two: Personal Financial Literacy

Want to know what activities are included? Check out below!:
Week One: Money and Counting Coins:
Digital Posters for all coins
Printable Coins
Bubble Maps for Penny, Nickel, Dime, and Quarter
Printable Bubble Maps for four coin types
Skip Counting Dimes and Nickels Work-Mat
Spin, Graph and Total
Coin Flapbook
Scoop and Total
Race to Fifty Cents
Count Them Up Flap-Ups (3 Different Levels)
Counting Quarters Work-Mat
Count the Coins Cards and Recording Sheet
Make a Match
Counting Quarters Flap-Ups (3 Different Levels)
Hairy Money Posters
Let’s Go Shopping Lesson
Build a Bug and Buy the Parts
Collection of Coins Flap Ups
Count Me Up Cards and Recording Sheet
Quarter Kid Activity
Counting Coins Assessment

Week Two: Personal Financial Literacy:
Digital Posters: Good, Service, Income, Want, Need, Spend, Save, Charity
Change it Up Coin Counting Mats
Roll It! Make it! Income Game
I Can Earn Money By Interactive Notebook
Want and Need Anchor Chart
Gimme (Needs and Wants KABOOM)
Needs and Wants Sort
Counting Coins Tic Tac Toe
Spending and Saving Anchor Chart Sort
Spend and Save Piggy Bank Hat
Spend and Save Interactive Notebook
Counting Coins in the Bank! Workmat
Chartable Giving Minilesson
Kindness Challenge: Making a Plan
Personal Financial Literacy Quick Check
Financial Literacy Booklet
Financial Literacy Assessment

But that’s not all, we also include:
– Vocabulary Cards
– I Can Statements
– Daily Lesson Plans
– Overview with TEKS and CC
– Daily Word Problems
– Pictures for Each Lesson

First Grade Math:
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What is the Magic of Math?
The Magic of Math is a series of math lesson plans and activities that can be used as your math curriculum or as a supplement to the program that you are already using. We provide the daily lesson plans, word problem, mini-lesson, activity, and interactive notebook entries for four weeks at a time. If you don’t have time for it all, that’s okay too! You can just pick and choose the pieces that you want to incorporate into your math block!

Are these activities repeats from other units you have?
Absolutely NOT! We create all new activities for each Magic of Math unit. They are all unique to this purchase and are not copy/pasted from things we have previously made.

What is the difference between Magic of Math and other units you have?
Magic of Math is organized as daily lesson plans with everything you need rather than just activities.

It is NOT a collection of worksheets. Instead we use games, hands-on activities, engaging mini-lessons, and interactive notebooks to build our curriculum. We do try to keep in mind the amount of prep that is involved with the lessons, but some things will need to be printed, cut, and put together to use in your classroom.

Want to know more about Magic of Math? You can find a blog post about it HERE!


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