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Rooted in Reading: Fiona’s Luck {St. Patrick’s Day Activities)



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Rooted in Reading: Special Editions BUNDLE

Fiona’s Luck by Teresa Bateman is a wonderful story about leprechauns stealing all of the luck in Ireland. It takes the wits of a girl by the name of Fiona to trick the leprechaun king into giving some of the luck back. This unit encompasses everything you need for a week of ELA instruction. It can be used around Saint Patrick’s Day, but it is not specific just to that holiday which makes it great for any time of year! Here’s what is included:

*The book Fiona’s Luck by Teresa Bateman needs to be purchased for this unit
*Skills: Characteristics of a Folktale, Cause and Effect, Symbols of Luck, Vocabulary, Similes
– 5 Days of Lesson Plans for Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar
– Comprehension Lesson Tips
– Picture Examples of all Activities
– Reading Comprehension Question Stems
– Thinking About Reading Writing Prompts
– Folktale Digital Posters
– Characteristics of a Folktale Flap-Ups
– Cause and Effect Digital Poster
– Cause and Effect Printable
– Cause and Effect Flap-Ups
– Fiction Passage: The Ruined Jersey
– Nonfiction Passage: The Irish Potato Famine
– Comprehension Check for Fiona’s Luck with Answer Key
– Anchor Chart for Elements of a Folktale
– Leprechaun King Craft and Writing Pages
– Nonfiction Reader: Lucky Symbols
– Nonfiction ResponseLucky Symbols Graphic Organizer
– Anchor Chart for Lucky Symbols
– Directed Drawing: Draw a Ladybug with Writing Pages
– Vocabulary Cards
– Vocabulary Prompts
– Vocabulary Flap-ups: Name it! Use it!
– Vocabulary Three in a Row
– Vocabulary Printable: Match Synonyms
– Vocabulary Assessment
– Daily Deep Dive with a Mentor Sentence
– Grammar Activities for Similes:
• Digital Posters: Similes
• Picture and Word Cards for Similes
• Student Work: Simile Flapbook
• Student Work: Rainbow Similes
• Student Work: Simile Match (3 versions)
• Student Work: Simile Flap-Ups
• Simile Assessment


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