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Rooted in Reading: How I Met My Monster Activities



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Rooted in Reading: Special Editions BUNDLE

How I Met My Monster by Amanda Noll is the prequel to I Need My Monster. This story shows how Gabe came to be Ethan’s monster. The monsters have a try-out to see who is going to be the best fit! This unit encompasses everything you need for a week of ELA instruction. It can be used around the Halloween season, but it is not limited to that time of year.  The activities are NOT “Halloween” specific. We have differentiated several of the activities so that it can work in most 1st and 2nd grade classrooms. Check out the preview to see the different activities we have included.

Here’s what is included:
PLEASE NOTE:  *How I Met My Monster by Amanda Noll needs to be purchased for this unit.
*Skills: Analyzing Characters, How Characters Respond to Events, Describing Characters, Adjectives
– 5 Days of Lesson Plans for Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar
– Comprehension Lesson Tips
– Picture Examples of all Activities
– Reading Comprehension Question Stems
– Thinking About Reading Writing Prompts
– Digital Posters for:  Character Traits, Responding to Major Events, Describing Characters
– Sorting Physical and Personality Traits
– Identifying Physical and Personality Traits
– Describing Characters Flap-Ups
– Describing Characters Printable
– Responding to Major Events Printable (2 Options)
– Fiction Passage (2 Options) : Costume Party Compromise
– Nonfiction Passage (2 Options): Slime Time
– Comprehension Check for the story with Answer Key (2 Options)
– Anchor Chart for How I Met My Monster Responding to Events
– Anchor Chart for Describing the Monsters
– Monster Directed Drawing and Writing Pages (several options for differentiation)
– Nonfiction Reader: What Creeps in the Night: A Book About Nocturnal Animals
– Anchor Chart for Nonfiction Animals
– Reading Response Craft: Skunk with Writing Pages (several options for differentiation)
– Vocabulary Cards
– Vocabulary Picture Cards
– Vocabulary Prompts
– Vocabulary Match It Up!
– Vocabulary Assessments:  Two Options for Differentiation
– Daily Deep Dive with a Mentor Sentence:  Two Options for Differentiation
– Grammar Activities for Adjectives
• Digital Poster: Adjective
• Adjective Picture and Word Cards
• Adjective Monster Printable
• Adjective and Noun Sort
• Adjective Flap-Book
• My Mesmerizing Monster: Students roll to create a monster. Students describe monster.
• Adjective Assessment: 2 Options


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