Editable Math Games for Stations or Activities



Do you like playing math games in your class, but you want to tailor them to the needs of your students and the skills you are focusing on? Well, I’ve got just the thing for you! These 11 math games are completely editable. That means you can plug in your own numbers, operations, actions, etc! We’ve given you plenty of examples, but the sky is the limit!

Here’s what is included:
– 11 Math Games
– Teacher Directions
– Game Overview and Ideas
– Student Directions
– Recording Sheets
– Blank Templates that can be printed and written on.
– EDITABLE templates that can be typed on in PowerPoint
– EDITABLE student directions that can be type don in PowerPoint
– Video Tutorial on how to edit the games

Here are the games included:
1. Pick a Stick Solve and Connect: 3 Template Options and Recording Sheet
2. Place Value Connect Four: Number Spinner, Place Value Spinner, Connect Four Sheet, Recording Sheet
3. Who is the Greatest?: 3 Number Card Templates, Recording Sheets
4. Toss and Solve: Target Game-Board, Recording Sheet
5. Math Puzzles: 3 Puzzles included, Puzzle Template, Recording Sheet
6. Refreshing Equations: Game-Board, Spinner, Recording Sheet
7. Math Tic-Tac-Toe: Game-Board, Recording Sheet, Playing Cards
8. Turn Over and Solve: Playing Cards, Recording Sheet
9. Flip, Toss, and Solve: Game-Board, Playing Cards, Recording Sheet
10. Roll the Dice and Solve: Game-Board, Recording Sheet
11. Pop it! Solve it!: Game-Board, Spinner, Recording Sheet

Please Note: The games do NOT already have the numbers and operations. These are editable so that you can tailor them to best fit your classroom. I do give you ideas, but you will be creating the games in PowerPoint.


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