Poetry, Measurement Olympics, and the Zoo!

It’s Five for Friday time again, so I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs on a Saturday because I’m always running late like that :)!  I have lots of pictures to share, so stay with me!
1.  I seriously adore everything Cara Carroll makes.  If I taught Kinder or 1st, I would literally just copy everything she does because she is so talented.  When she came up with this precious flower friends craft I knew that we HAD to make these puppies!  So, I had my kiddos write a sensory poem about spring to display with their sweet flower friends!
2.  We continued trekking on with Measuring Length!  We made these unit flap-books from Hope’s Measure Up!  Unit!  My kiddos measured out each square before we put them together!
 This little diddy comes from my I Can Measure Unit!  Pretty easy, but cute project for measuring length!
 We don’t ALWAYS do crafts, I promise!  Here’s proof!  We write lots in our Math Notebooks!


3.  Last year we made these sharks during poetry week to display our acrostic poems.  This year I used the same craft that you can get in my TpT shop for FREE, but we did cinquain poems instead!              1f084 dsc 0545         8537e dsc 0544  Side-note… I don’t ever make my door cute anymore.  I’m too stinkin’ tired these days!
bb038 dsc 0543
 4.  This was my FAVORITE measurement activity yet!  We did a little impromptu Measurement Olympics on Friday.  The weather was beautiful, and we had been cooped in our rooms for two days because of nasty weather.  Here’s what we did:
I gave each student a large pom, ruler, piece of chalk, and they used their math notebooks.  We headed out to the concrete to complete 6 events…
15523 dsc 0506
 Before each event I would model exactly how I wanted them to do it.  After modeling the event, such as “Kick the Pom” my students would estimate how far they thought their pom would travel.  Once everyone was ready, we got in position, counted to three, and completed that event!  Then, the math began!  Each student marked where their pom landed with the chalk and measured from their starting place to the chalk line!
 Once they were ready for the next event to start they would go back to their starting position, take a seat, and wait for directions!
 I talked a lot about following the rules like participants have to during the Olypmics so they were very careful to complete each event perfectly!
 And, talk about being engaged?!  They were SO into measuring! c453f dsc 0518
 I didn’t get a picture of each event, but here’s a little peek at our list:
I would suggest doing this on a NON-windy day and maybe even using cotton balls instead (especially if you don’t want them to have to measure for ages!)  If you use the poms, just make sure to model the events by kicking, dropping, blowing, etc the pom very gently!
 5.  After a BUSY week of measuring and poetry, I enjoyed going to the zoo with my little family this morning!  Here’s to a fun-filled weekend for all of us!

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  1. Love the measurement Olympics! You are awesome to share your ideas!!
    And I can't get enough of the pics of you and your little munchkin!! Darling!!

  2. Thank you so much for the Shark freebie! My 2nd-3rd grade class used the template to write ocean cinquain poems yesterday! They loved it. I would be happy to email you a picture of them if you would like. Thank you!!