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More Poetry!

Happy Hump Day, friends {Is that still a cool thing to say or am I totally out of the loop??}  We are still writing lots of poetry.  Normally I only allot one week for my poetry unit, but there are so many different types to write, so we decided to keep on going!!  On Monday we brainstormed what life would be like if we were a round object.  Then, we wrote a round poem with those ideas!  You can get a template for that HERE.  I really love when I give my students some freedom and they surprise me…they definitely think outside of the box, that’s for sure!!!
 I’d totally spin my ring around if I were Jupiter, too!  
And, a hula hoop is definitely cooler if it can glow in the dark!!
 This little guy is OBSESSED with cars and trucks, so it only made sense that he wrote about being a tire.  I have learned so much about my kiddos from reading their writing!
We are now starting to use Amanda Madden’s Poetry unit.  Don’t you just love these little watermelons??  They look precious on my door!!
She has lots of other cute poetry ideas that we will continue to use throughout the week!!  Hope y’all are having a great week… only 2 more days until the weekend!!!


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