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Can I check in with you for a minute? How are you feeling? Looking forward to summer? You know there’s only a few short weeks left so just hang in there! That’s why I wanted to pop in with an activity to help you out with some end-of-the-year fun without even having to think about it! Today, we’re talking about a Memorial Day activity. Celebrating all of the heroes who have fought for our country and gave their lives. It’s so important for kids to understand the sacrifices that have been made as well. 

The red poppy is a traditional flower often presented on Memorial Day to pay tribute and to exemplify patriotism. That is the FREEBIE included in the Memorial Day directed drawing I want to share with you today!

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Students will draw this beautiful flower then reflect on how they can remember those who served. There will be a writing page included for students to express their gratitude and thankfulness. This can double as a sweet sentiment or gift to those close to them if they’ve had any family members who were lost in battle.

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I hope this helps take even a little bit of time planning activities off of your plate. And I’m sure your students will enjoy it! If you need even more directed drawings to round out your year, check out my free directed drawing page here.

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