Father’s Day Directed Drawing

With Father’s Day coming up, I thought that your students may enjoy drawing a portrait of their dad, grandpa, uncle, coach, etc. This is something that I did for years and just always loved how they turned out.

fathers day directed drawing 1

I put a little spin on it so that students are also describing their dad. Personally, we love sweet gifts like this!

fathers day directed drawing 3 1
fathers day directed drawing 1 1

Father’s Day Drawing Video

To guide your students in the drawing, I put together a video of myself drawing the portrait. But, I’ve also included the picture directions below if you’d like to teach your kiddos!

Father’s Day Shirts

For Father’s Day I also love finding the kids a special shirt to wear. I love having these pictures to remember each year we celebrate! Here are the links to some of our favorite shirts (I ordered the Papa’s Girl and Papa’s Boy for this year!):

Rad Like Dad / Papa’s Girl / Papa’s Boy

fathers day shirts 1
fathers day directed drawing

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    I hope you enjoy doing this with your students!

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    1. Help– Video says it is restricted to Google Suite but I’m on my Google acct?
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      1. Hi Amy, how are you trying to share it? You should be able to copy the link to the video by clicking the 3 dots and choosing “copy link”, then add it to an assignment in Google classroom, if that is what you need. When you click “add file” in google classroom, there is an option to add the YouTube link. Other than that, I am not sure what could be the issue as I tried it again and it was working.

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