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Hey y’all!  I’ve kind of slacked on the blogging lately, so I thought I’d host a little Christmas party!  We’ve been busy having all kinds of holiday fun in the classroom, and I’m sure you have too!
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of my favorite holiday things already, but I’m going to break it down a little further here 🙂
I LOVE Christmas books… and I have tons of them!  My students get to read these books when they finish work early or during read to self/someone time 🙂
I also LOVE Air Wick’s Mrs. Claus’ Apple Pie scent!  My teammate introduced me to it, and I may keep it around all year… it’s just that good!
Our Santa letters are still hanging proudly on display…
On our lockers you will find a little writing activity that we did as morning work last week.  This was a great way to incorporate some Holiday Cheer WITH Language of the Day writing!  Why not spice things up every once in a while??!  This present template is in my Christmas Craze unit 🙂
 We have also been responding to reading by using simple Christmas crafts.  These things don’t take long to make at all!  Seriously, this sweet Rudolph only has 6 pieces that my kiddos had to cut out… easy as pie!
 One way I motivate my students to finish their work is to have them complete their writing FIRST, then they get to make the craft!
 After reading Arthur’s Christmas we wrote about what would make this the BEST Christmas EVER!  I loved seeing their responses… everything from getting 1,000,000 gifts to spending time with their family.  Each little writing piece definitely showed their personality!
 I was going to add some ribbon to make it look like I “strung” the lights, but I decided this was good enough 🙂  I stopped doing all of the leg work in my holiday decorations long ago!  Now, all of my holiday decor is kid-made 🙂  Saves me tons of time and energy!
Well, I do have this Christmas banner!  You can grab this FREEBIE Here!
For student gifts this year I decided to get a chapter book from Scholastic (Ready Freddy Second Grade Rules… they were 1 buck!) along with a little reindeer from Oriental Trading (on sale during Cyber Monday!).  Thankfully I have a sweet girl who loves to tie bows!!  I’m just too lazy to wrap 20 books these days, ha!
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The Christmas cheer doesn’t stop at school… it seems like every night we are busy prepping something for Christmas whether it’s wrapping, decorating, baking, or planning holiday events!  Here’s my favorite family picture from our Christmas card photo-shoot!  If you are in the Dallas area, I highly recommend C’s The Day Photography!  She’s the BEST!

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  1. Oops I accidentally deleted my last comment. I love your decorations – they are awesome! And I got my students books for Christmas this year too! I love giving them gifts that encourage reading and learning.

  2. WOW! You have some great crafts with writing projects. I love them all. I also got books from Scholastic — it's such a great idea! Thanks for all your creative posts. I enjoy following your blog!!