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This week we have taken a little break from place value to work on our addition strategies and fact fluency.  If I’m being honest, it’s been a much needed brain break because it’s more of a review from first grade as well as just fine tuning those skills.  Next week we will dive into subtraction… which never comes easy, so I’ll enjoy addition while it lasts, ha!
We’ve been chanting, playing games, rolling dice, spinning spinners, using number lines, making models… anything I can do to get them moving and engaged I will try!
This Double Up Poster is in my Addition Unit.  You can find that HERE.  I’m hoarse and fighting an awful case of seasonal allergies… so I apologize in advance!  But, you’ll get the gist of how we chant it out with movements πŸ™‚
My kids absolutely love making this Doubles Dude every single year.  This year we recorded our doubles facts while chanting so that made it even more fun!
Most students didn’t have time to trace, but the doubles facts are on the Doubles Dudes even though you can’t see them! πŸ™‚
Here’s a little spin and add game that you can get HERE for free!  If we can spin it or roll it my kids are all over it!!
Today we started working with the Flip-Flop Strategy.  I think it’s so important for students to explain their understanding.  You can grab the paper for the flip flops HERE.  The flip flop patterns are part of my Addition Unit.
I’ll be back this weekend with some Homophone fun and hopefully an October reading unit to share!!

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  1. Hi Ms. Amy,

    I absolutely love the way you are teaching math strategies and developing your students' math fluency. Your Flip-Flop and Doubles Dude ideas are proof that learning math can be a fun, colorful, interactive, and accessible endeavor. I am a student teacher and I am taking a course about how to incorporate technology in a classroom setting. Have you ever considered utilizing web curation applications like Pintrest to showcase your fun and colorful math strategies?

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