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7 Must-Have Classroom Supplies from Amazon


I’m sure this is not NEW news, but I just love Amazon. Especially when it comes to school supplies, classroom materials, and organization. I also thoroughly enjoy how easy it is to give back to teachers by purchasing items from their classroom wish lists. I mean it just doesn’t get any easier than that (If you are looking for a way to give back to teachers click HERE)! Today I want to share 7 of my favorite Amazon classroom supplies. For other Amazon Favorites click HERE!

Here are the items I’m going to share today:

Clipboards / Felt Tip Pens / Scissors / Spirals / Book Bins / Erasers / Pouches

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1. Colorful Clipboards

I have been purchasing student clipboards since my 3rd year of teaching. I used to give them as Christmas gifts, but quickly realized that instead I should just invest in a classroom set for myself. Since I’ve always allowed students to work around the room, clipboards are a must. They are also great for group work, classroom scoot activities, and flexible seating.

2. Affordable Felt Tip Pens

I love a flair pen as much as the next educator, BUT goodness gracious they can be pricey. Thankfully Amazon has a set of 12 colorful felt-tip pens for less than 7 bucks. That’s about 3-5 bucks cheaper than the name brand packs. I’ve been purchasing these for years. They are great for personal use, but also make affordable teacher gifts!

3. Spring Action Scissors

Do you get hand cramps when cutting out all of those classroom activities? THESE scissors are the solution to that. Teachers actually recommended these spring action scissors a few years ago, and I’ve never looked back. I don’t know how they do it, but they really do stop the teacher hand cramp! It’s probably my favorite of the 7 classroom supplies from Amazon!

4. Colorful Spiral Notebooks

I wanted to get a set of spirals to keep on hand so that I would have room to brainstorm, map-out, and complete teacher examples. Of course, I could have grabbed any old spiral, but these colorful ones were much more fun!

5. White Book Bins

I love storing books in magazine holders. I also store my weekly plans, teacher materials, etc in them. THESE white ones are sleek, simple, and sturdy!

6. Magnetic Dry Erase Erasers

I first saw this set of classroom magnetic dry erase erasers on teacher wishlists and I knew I had to try them out. They are the perfect size for little hands! I pair these with one of my other classroom supplies from Amazon…mini whiteboards!

7. Reusable Zipper Pouches

This next Amazon find is new to me! I saw Cara Carroll share these on her instagram and knew I just had to grab a set. They are the perfect size to store station activities, classroom materials, reading group items, and more. Such a fun new find!

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