Christmas Picture Books Part One

Over the years I have collected MANY Christmas picture books. You may have seen in the past where we open Christmas books every day in December… well that has made our collection rather large! While we love them all, we definitely have our favorites that we go back to year after year. I thought it would be helpful for you if I gathered all of our favorites and divided them into categories. Today we are going to start with our favorite Santa Claus and Reindeer books. I’ll also share some fun activities that can be used as well.

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Santa Claus Picture Books

There are SOOOOO many picture books about Santa. BUT, picture books that make my lists are those that have a wonderful storyline, beautiful illustrations, and just that little “something” that makes them different than other titles. Here are our favorite Santa books:

  1. Santa’s Underwear
  2. Santa’s Book of Names
  3. How Santa Got His Job
  4. Santa Bruce
  5. The Animals’ Santa
  6. When Santa Was a Baby
  7. How to Catch Santa
  8. The Day Santa Stopped Believing in Harold
  9. Santa’s Stuck

Shape Santa

One way to integrate math with reading is to create a Shape Santa. You can read one of the books above and then students analyze the attributes of shapes as they compose their Santa.

shape santa

Reading Response

I also love taking a Christmas book and focusing on it for the week. You can find activities for the Animals’ Santa HERE.

Reindeer Books

Reindeer books aren’t quite as popular as those about the boss man, but there are still some great ones out there!

christmas books part 1
  1. Reindeer Christmas
  2. Olive, the Other Reindeer
  3. The Wild Christmas Reindeer
  4. Santa’s Reindeer Games
  5. The Great Reindeer Rebellion
  6. The Little Reindeer
  7. Last Stop on the Reindeer Express

Reindeer Research

Have your students ever researched reindeer? They are quite fascinating animals! It’s also a great way to tie in nonfiction during the holiday season.

You can check out more activities for reindeer HERE. I hope you enjoying reading some of these picture books with your students!

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Christmas Picture Books and Activities

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