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Rooted in Reading 2nd Grade for November Reading Comprehension Lesson Plans {2nd Edition}



Transform your ELA block with quality picture books and hands-on reading activities designed to enhance comprehension in your classroom! This complete unit features Fall lesson plans for comprehensionvocabularygrammar, and phonics. Students will learn character dialogue, nonfiction text features, making inferences, and making connections!

2nd Grade Reading Teachers, we want to save you time and energy when it comes to lesson planning for the ELA and reading instruction for your classroom! Rooted in Reading provides everything you need for deepening comprehension, developing and expanding vocabulary, and integrating language skills with the use of a mentor text in your classroom. Rooted in Reading takes the guess out of planning for language arts instruction. We provide lesson plans, focus posters, printables, assessments, anchor charts, and more!

The teacher READS the book throughout the week and models how to think deeply, ask questions, monitor comprehension, and so much more. Each week we focus on different comprehension skills and strategies that will take your little learners on a reading journey like never before. All lesson plans and activities are aligned with the Common Core Standards and TEKS. This can be used as a stand-alone curriculum OR as a supplemental curriculum. You can do ALL of what we include or pick and choose the activities that work best for you and your students! Want to know more? Check out below!

Books needed for November:

The Leaf Thief by Alice Hemming

Whooo Knew by Annett Whipple

Pecan Pie Baby by Jacqueline Woodson

Duck for Turkey Day by Jacqueline Jules


What is included in the November unit? Look below!

● Daily Lesson Plans for 4 Weeks

● Book Question Cards

● Reading Passages

● Comprehension Focus Posters, Printables, and Assessments

● Fiction and Nonfiction Reading Passages

● Nonfiction Readers with Assessments

● Anchor Charts

● Vocabulary Picture Cards, Vocabulary Writing Prompts, Vocabulary Printables and Assessments

● Directed Drawings and Crafts

● Grammar Lesson Plans, Focus Posters, and Printables

● Daily Deep Deep with Mentor Sentences

● Phonics Lesson Plans, Focus Posters, Printables, and Assessments

● Phonics Focus: Final Consonant Blends and Long Vowel Patterns: ai, ay, ee, ea, ey


Comprehension Focus for November:

  • Character Dialogue
  • Nonfiction Text Features
  • Making Inferences and Schema
  • Making Connections with the Text


Comprehension Printables:

  • Dialogue Sticky Note Activity
  • Dialogue Bookmarks
  • Dialogue in Books
  • Describing a Character through Dialogue
  • Creating Dialogue
  • Describe a Character Based on Dialogue
  • Nonfiction Text Features Check-In
  • Nonfiction Text Features Focus Posters
  • Nonfiction Text Features Booklet
  • Nonfiction Text Features Hunt
  • Connections (The Text, My Thinking)
  • Making Connections Bookmark
  • Shallow and Deep Connections Printable
  • Making Connections Passage
  • My Schema and Topic
  • Using Schema Printable
  • Text Evidence Printable
  • Making Inferences Practice

Anchor Charts:

  • Captivating Character Dialogue
  • Tons of Terrific Trees
  • Finding Text Features
  • Enchanting Endangered Birds
  • Making Connections (Text to Text, Text to Self, Text to World)
  • Talking About Traditions
  • We Can Infer (Text + Schema = Inference)
  • Picking Apart Pecans

Nonfiction Readers:

  • Trees
  • Enchanting Endangered Birds
  • Talking About Traditions
  • Picking Apart Pecans

Directed Drawings:

  • Draw a Squirrel
  • Draw an Owl
  • Draw Pecan Pie
  • Draw a Turkey


  • Fall Tree Booklet
  • Snowy Owl
  • Pecan Friend
  • Holiday Traditions Dinner Plate


  • Picture Cards for Vocabulary Words and Definitions
  • Vocabulary Writing Prompts
  • Peek at the Pictures (matching pictures with words)
  • Wordilicious (read definition and create sentence)
  • Spin and Roll
  • Vocabulary Assessment

Grammar: Subject and Verb Agreement

  • Subject Verb Agreement Focus Poster
  • Putting Together Sentences
  • Sorting Correct Subject Verb Agreement Sentences
  • Which Verb? Match
  • Choose the Verb Classroom Scoot
  • Subject Verb Agreement Assessment

Grammar: Asking and Telling Sentences

  • I Can Ask Questions Focus Poster
  • I Can Use Periods Focus Poster
  • We Can Ask Questions Anchor Chart
  • Questions Printable
  • Questions and Statements Activity
  • Owl Ask You a Question Printable
  • Punctuation Pick It
  • Telling and Asking Sentences Pocket Book and Sort
  • Question Mark and Period Assessment

Grammar: Adverbs of Time (When?)

  • Adverbs of Time or When Focus Poster
  • Adverbs of Time Cards
  • Use an Adverb Printable
  • Am I an Adverb Classroom Scoot
  • Adverb Flap-book
  • Adverb Hunt Classroom Scoot
  • Adverbs of Time Assessment

Grammar: Adverbs of Place (Where?)

  • Adverbs of Place or Where Focus Poster
  • Adverb Cards
  • Sentence Cards
  • Adverbs of Place Printable
  • Adverbs Yes or No Classroom Scoot
  • Talkin About Turkeys Printable
  • Name the Adverb Classroom Scoot
  • Find the Adverb Assessment


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