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Rooted in Reading 2nd Grade for August Read Aloud Comprehension & Activities (2nd Edition)



Transform your ELA block with quality picture books and hands-on activities designed to enhance reading comprehension in your classroom! This comprehensive unit works well for Back to School and features lesson plans for character description, story elements, story retelling, making connections, problem and solution, and more!

2nd Grade Reading Teachers, we want to save you time and energy when it comes to lesson planning for the ELA and reading instruction for your classroom! Rooted in Reading provides everything you need for deepening comprehension, developing and expanding vocabulary, and integrating language skills with the use of a mentor text in your classroom. Rooted in Reading takes the guess out of planning for language arts instruction. We provide lesson plans, focus posters, printables, assessments, anchor charts, and more!


The teacher READS the book throughout the week and models how to think deeply, ask questions, monitor comprehension, and so much more. Each week we focus on different comprehension skills and strategies that will take your little learners on a reading journey like never before. All lesson plans and activities are aligned with the Common Core Standards and TEKS. This can be used as a stand-alone curriculum OR as a supplemental curriculum. You can do ALL of what we include or pick and choose the activities that work best for you and your students! Want to know more? Check out below!

Books needed for August:

My School Stinks by Becky Scharnhorst

Rulers of the Playground by Joseph Kuefler

Home by Carson Ellis

The Barnabus Project by The Fan Brothers

What is included in the AUGUST unit? Look below!

● Daily Lesson Plans for 4 Weeks

● Book Question Cards

● Reading Passages

● Comprehension Focus Posters, Printables, and Assessments

● Fiction and Nonfiction Reading Passages

● Nonfiction Readers with Assessments

● Anchor Charts

● Vocabulary Picture Cards, Vocabulary Writing Prompts, Vocabulary Printables and Assessments

● Directed Drawings and Crafts

● Grammar Lesson Plans, Focus Posters, and Printables

● Daily Deep Deep with Mentor Sentences

● Phonics Lesson Plans, Focus Posters, Printables, and Assessments

● Phonics Focus: Short Vowel Review, Words with Final E


Comprehension Focus for August:

  • Story Elements
  • Describing Characters
  • Problem and Solution
  • Retelling the Story
  • Making Connections

Comprehension Printables:

  • Story Structure Graphic Organizer
  • Write and Draw Story Elements
  • Beginning, Middle, End Flap-Ups
  • Retelling the Story Printable
  • Summarizing Printable
  • Text to Self Connection Printable
  • Making Connections Printable
  • Shallow and Deep Connection Stories
  • Describing Barnabus on the Outside and Inside
  • How Characters Respond to Challenges Printable
  • Analyzing Characters Printable

Anchor Charts:

  • Story Elements of My School Stinks
  • Facts About Zoos
  • Rulers of the Playground BME
  • The Science of Playgrounds: Equipment and Force
  • We Can Make Text to Self Connections
  • Where Do Families Live?
  • Events from Story and Character Response
  • The Truth About Pets

Nonfiction Readers:

  • Zoos
  • The Science of Playgrounds
  • Homes
  • My Perfect Pet

Directed Drawings:

  • Draw Stuart (main character)
  • Draw Lennox and/or Jonah (main characters)
  • Draw a Palace
  • Draw Barnabus (main character)


  • Zoo
  • Student on a Swing
  • Apartment Building
  • Fishbowl


  • Picture Cards for Vocabulary Words and Definitions
  • Vocabulary Writing Prompts
  • ABC Order
  • Make a Match (Synonyms)
  • Draw and Write
  • Vocabulary Words in Sentences

Grammar: Days of the Week and Months of the Year

  • Focus Posters
  • Days and Months Cards
  • Days of the Week Writing Worksheet
  • Find and Fix Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year Writing Worksheet
  • Search and Sort Months
  • Days and Months Assessment

Grammar: I Can Use Capitals and I Can Write Sentences

  • Focus Posters
  • I Can Write Sentences Worksheet
  • Sentence Sort
  • Fixing Sentences Worksheet
  • Read and Fix Sentence Classroom Scoot
  • Sentences Assessment

Grammar: Common Nouns

  • Focus Posters
  • We Can Name Nouns Anchor Chart
  • Brainstorming Noun Worksheet
  • Person Place Thing Flap-Book
  • Common Nouns in Sentences Classroom Scoot
  • Noun Flapbook Sort
  • Common Noun Assessment

Grammar: Proper Nouns

  • Focus Posters
  • We Can Name Proper Nouns Anchor Chart
  • Common vs Proper Nouns Printable
  • Noun Sort
  • Common and Proper Noun Card Sort
  • Common and Proper Flap-book Sort
  • Common or Proper Noun Scoot
  • Proper Noun Assessment


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