2 Digit Addition With Regrouping



Are you ready for double digit addition with regrouping in your classroom? This resource will give you the tips, activities, and printables you need to help your students succeed with two digit addition with regrouping! Let me take some of the stress of regrouping off of your shoulders!

Double Digit Addition with Regrouping Includes:

  • Teaching Tips
  • Addition With Regrouping Posters
  • Addition With Regrouping Poem for Students
  • Addition With Regrouping Visual
  • Student Work-Mat
  • Place Value Charts
  • Scooping Up a Serving: Ice Cream Activity
  • Addition with and without Regrouping Pocket Book with problems to sort
  • I Spy Double Digit Addition with Regrouping Activity with Cards and Worksheet
  • 2 Solve and Match Worksheets: Students solve 6 addition problems and match the sum to the correct problem
  • 2 Even or Odd Worksheets: Students solve 6 addition problems and determine whether the sum is even or odd.
  • Add Me Up Worksheet: Add 4 2-digit numbers
  • Adding 3 Numbers Worksheet
  • Adding 4 Numbers Worksheet
  • Addition with Regrouping Writing Prompt
  • I Can Solve Word Problems
  • 2 Addition with Regrouping Flapbooks for students to solve and show their work
  • Regroup and Don’t Regroup Flapbook Sort
  • Even and Odd Flapbook Sort

UPDATE: 8 of the activities are now DIGITAL! These activities can be accessed through a link to Google Slides and Seesaw. They are preloaded for you to access easily. There is a how-to video included for you to view.

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