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Activities to Introduce Multiplication with Equal Groups and Arrays



Looking for fun, engaging, and hands-on multiplication activities? This NEWLY REVISED unit has just that! There are no worksheets or drills, but only activities to help keep your kiddos engaged! You’ll get multiplication games, activities, flap-books, crafts, word problems, and more!

This multiplication resource includes:
– 5 colorful vocabulary focus posters: Multiplication, Product, Factors, Multiply, and Array
– Label a Multiplication Equation
– Literature and Math Connection/Craftivity with example: If You Give a Cat a Cupcake with templates included (new-easy to print templates!)
– In My Hands: Multiplication Model Activity
– Making Equal Groups: Multiplication Model Activity
– Array Sticker Activity with example and recording sheet
– Beaded Bracelet Activity with example and recording sheet
– Multiplication Matching Cards with Pictures and recording sheet
– Mushroom Multiplication Model with example and templates
– Word Problem Cards and recording sheet
 Word Problem Student Booklet
– Spin and Multiply (3 options for differentiation)
– Roll and Multiply
– Multiplication Pocket Book
– Multiplication Fact Number Posters to write facts on
– True and False Product Flap-Up Sort
– Sorting Products Flap-Up Sort
– Flap-Books for Solving Multiplication Equations
– Skip Counting Pennants
– Multiples Pennants

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