Bubblegum Fractions



Are you looking for a fun way to review or practice fractions of a set? This gumball machine works perfectly with teaching fractions in the classroom! Plus, I’ll give you ideas on other ways you can use this with your students.

This creativity includes:
-All templates needed to make the bubblegum machine and the gumballs.
– Graph pieces for “Can you blow a bubble?

Here are some ways you can use this for math:
**Fractions– students cut out different colored circles and find the parts of a whole
**Ways to make a #: Give students a number and have them write a different math sentence in each gumball. Example: Ways to make 20: 10 10, 11 9, 25-5, etc.
**Put addition or subtraction problems in each gumball and have the students solve the problems.
**Make a story problem: If I have 8 red gumballs, 6 blue gumballs, and 2 green gumballs. How many gumballs do I have in all?

Here are ways to use this for Language Arts:
**Antonyms: Students write antonym pairs in each gumball. Example: cold/hot, big/small
**Synonyms: Students write synonym pairs in each gumball. Example: smart/intelligent, dirty/filthy
**Adjectives: Students write describing words in each gumball.
**Contractions: Students write contractions in each gumball.
**Compound words: Students write a compound word in each gumball.
**Vocabulary: Students write vocabulary words in each gumball.
**Spelling: Students write their spelling words in the gumball.


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