Penguin Research and Activities



Looking for an engaging winter animal research project that will pique the interest of your students? Have them learn all about Penguins! This teaching resource includes penguin crafts, research, fact cards, vocabulary cards, graphic organizers, flapbooks, and more!

Here’s what you’ll find in this penguin resource:

  • Penguin Craftivity- boy and girl (all templates included)
  • Penguin Hat- all templates included
  • Types of Penguins- 17 cards with penguin names and pictures
  • Penguin Research: Prewriting paper and final draft paper
  • Penguin Fact Cards to display in class or put in the classroom library
  • 20 vocabulary word cards with definition cards
  • Vocabulary printable

Printables/Graphic Organizers:

  • Penguin KWL
  • Penguins Can, Have, Are
  • Penguin Venn Diagram Flap-Book
  • BIRD fact flapbook
  • Penguin Four Square
  • Penguin Test
  • True or False Sort
  • If I Were a Penguin Writing Paper
  • Describing Penguins

Using Fiction Books:

  • BME flap-book
  • Venn Diagram
  • Fact or Opinion Sort


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