Show Me What You Know {40 Quick Math Assessments for 2nd Grade}



Want to know if your 2nd graders have mastered a certain math skill AND you want this information ASAP? This math unit came out of a need to assess my math groups and individual students. There are 40 (1-page) QUICK math assessments. To save paper and time, I printed this resource out, put each page in a page protector, and made a math assessment notebook! You can do the same, or print them out for students to complete using pencil/paper. Please check out the list below, the preview, and the table of contents before purchasing. 

Here are the concepts covered:
1. Place Value- counting H, T, O blocks
2. Place Value- expanded form to standard form
3. Place Value- Identifying H, T, O in numbers
4. Place Value- Read the number words
5. Even or Odd
6. Skip Counting- finishing number patterns for counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s
7. Skip Counting- using a 120s chart
8. Comparing Numbers using < and >
9. Comparing Numbers- color numbers greater than 500
10. Comparing Numbers- color numbers less than 500
11. Fractional Parts- identifying the fraction
12. Fractional Parts- color the fraction
13. Fractional Parts- is the fraction closer to 1/2, 0, or 1
14. Addition Facts- numbers 0-9
15. Addition Facts- numbers 0-12
16. Related Facts- filling in fact family triangles
17. Missing Addends
18. Subtraction Facts 1
19. Subtraction Facts 2
20. 2 Digit Addition with and without regrouping
21. 2 Digit Subtraction with and without regrouping
22. Identifying Coins
23. Counting Coins with nickels, dimes, and pennies
24. Counting Coins with quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies
25. Ordering Numbers 1
26. Ordering Numbers 2
27. Naming Shapes- 2D shapes
28. Naming Shapes- 3D shapes
29. Describing Shapes- 2D shapes
30. Describing Shapes- 3D shapes
31. Telling time- write the time shown (to the five minutes)
32. Telling time- draw the time shown (to the five minutes)
33. Telling time- minutes, seconds, hour
34. Measuring- would you use inches or feet to measure the item
35. Measuring- measure the line to the nearest inch
36. Multiplying- using arrays
37. Dividing- divide objects into 2 equal groups
38. Mental Math 1- adding and subtracting 10 and 100
39. Mental Math 2- adding and subtracting 10 and 100
40. Bar Graph- creating a bar graph and answering questions



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