Fraction Activities



I don’t know about you, but when we are learning about fractions I want my students to see them in a variety of ways. We play games, make models, identify, and whatever else we need! This unit has lots of fun ways to learn about fractions that will help engage your students! The pictorial representations are colored, but can easily be printed in gray-scale. This was created for a 2nd grade classroom, but can easily be used in the grades surrounding 2nd grade for lower/higher students. Here’s a closer look at what’s inside:

-Fraction Flapbooks- students sort pictorial representations into two categories: Equals one-half, Equals one-third

-Fraction Pocket Book: students make a pocket book and sort pictorial representations into two categories: Closer to Zero, Closer to One

-Fraction Bingo

-Roll and Cover: Students cover pictorial representations

-Fraction Memory (and matching activity)

-Shade and Name That Fraction: a interactive math notebook activity

-Place the fraction cards around the room. Students visit each pictorial representation and write the fraction shown on their recording sheet.

-Fraction Hats

-Cookie Fraction Booklet

-My Fraction Friend: students make a craft to show what they have learned about fractions. Students write about their pictorial representation.

New Activities Added:
– An additional I Spy activity
– More Fraction Friend Templates
– 3 Interactive Math Notebook fraction sorts
– A Hands-On Fraction Lesson
– An additional fraction hat activity
– Eighths page added to the cookie booklet
-Fraction Word Problems (Going beyond the whole)
-Name and Sort- Students name fractions and sort into halves, eighths, and fourths
-Fraction Snowman (Going Beyond the Whole)
-Fraction Sort (Going Beyond the Whole) Student sort based on if the fraction is named correctly


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