End of the Year Review Booklet for 2nd Grade



This End of the Year Booklet may be just what your students need to review some of the Math and ELA concepts learned throughout their 2nd grade year! There are 44 review pages for math, grammar, and reading skills (22 pages for math and 22 pages for ELA). Do this review booklet at the end of the school year or send it home with your students over the summer.

These review pages are printed 2-to-a-page so that you save paper!

Here are all of the skills included in this end of the year review booklet:

Place Value 1- identifying hundreds, tens, and ones
Place Value 2- writing the word and expanded form of a number
Place Value 3- write the standard form from the expanded form
Place Value 4- write the expanded form from the word form
Comparing Numbers
Ordering Numbers
Even and Odd Numbers
Math Facts- up to 20
Missing Addends
Skip Count- skip count by 2s, 5s, and 10s
Add and Subtract- regrouping
Fast Math 1- adding and subtracting 10 and 100
Fast Math 2- adding and subtracting 10 and 100
Word Problems 1- addition and subtraction
Word Problems 2- addition and subtraction
Word Problems 3- multiplication and division
Count the Coins
Write the Time- to the 5 minutes
Draw the Time
Name the Shapes (2D and 3D Shapes
Name the Fractional Part
Shape Up!- Perimeter and Congruent Shapes

Fix the Sentences- identify errors and write sentences correctly
Make It Complete!- make incomplete sentences complete
Which Pronoun?- replace nouns with pronouns
A or An – Using Articles
Me or I?- fill in the blanks with me or I
Parts of Speech- identifying adjectives, nouns, and verbs
Parts of Speech in Sentences
Adjective or Adverb?- identifying adjectives and adverbs
Compound Words
Summer Story- students write a story
Cursive Letters- trace lowercase cursive letters
Cursive Letters- trace uppercase cursive letters
Describe Me!- use adjectives to describe a shark
Summer Actions- write verbs

Reading Log- students log how many books they have read over the summer
My Reading Stamina- students try to read for 60 uninterrupted minutes
What’s the Main Idea?- read a story and write the main idea and details
Cause and Effect- students write an effect to go along with the given cause
What’s It About?- read a story and write a summary
The Sea Turtle- read a short story and answer questions about problem/solution
Identify Fact and Opinion


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