Workin’ On Word Problems



I don’t know about you, but word problems are always a struggle for 2nd graders. It’s like we get the facts and concepts, but when you put them into word problems, everything goes crazy!

This word problem unit was made with a 2nd grader in mind, but could definitely be used for high 1st graders and struggling 3rd graders! The main skills covered in this word problem unit are: BASIC ADDITION, BASIC SUBTRACTION, ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION PROBLEMS WITH EXTRA INFORMATION, REGROUPING (2-DIGIT), MULTI-STEP PROBLEMS WITH ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION!

Problems are meant to be cut out and glued into a math spiral or paper for the students to solve by showing their work.

Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s inside:
1. 5 Word Problem Posters
2. Addition key words poster
3. 10 different basic addition word problems
4. Basic Addition Scoot with 8 word problem cards
5. Subtraction Key Words poster
6. 10 different basic subtraction word problems
7. Basic Subtraction Scoot with 8 word problem cards
9. 10 different word problems that include extra info that is not needed
10. Extra Info Scoot with 8 word problem cards
11. Regrouping Rhyme Poster
12. 10 different regrouping word problems (5 addition and 5 subtraction)
13. Regrouping Scoot with 8 word problem cards
14. Multi-Step Rhyme Poster
15. 10 different multi-step word problems
16. Multi-Step Scoot with 8 word problem cards

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