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3 Digit Addition and Subtraction With Regrouping {THE BUNDLE}



Do you need activities for 3-Digit Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping AND you want to save money? This Regrouping Bundle has activities, printables, worksheets, math stations, flap-books, and more to use while students are learning how to regroup in the classroom!

This bundle contains the following three teaching resources. If you have already purchased these units separately then you do not need to purchase the bundle:
Triple Digit Addition With Regrouping
Triple Digit Subtraction With Regrouping
Triple Digit Math Stations

Triple Digit Addition:
-2 Regrouping Posters
-Regrouping Pocketbook (regrouping in the ones place only)- students sort sums by regrouping/not regrouping
– Even/Odd Pocketbook (regrouping in the ones and tens place)
-I Spy Triple Digit Addition (ten problems with regrouping in the ones place)
-I Spy Triple Digit Addition (ten problems with regrouping in the ones and tens place
-4 Flapbooks: Solve and Show your work, Sort sums by Even/Odd, Sort problems by regrouping/not regrouping
-Word Problem Scoot- 8 Addition with regrouping problems (problems with extra info, adding 3 addends)
-Printables: Solve and Match (2 options), Roll and Add (using dice to add 3-digit problems), Spin and Add with spinners

Triple Digit Subtraction:
-Regroup/Don’t Regroup Pocket Book {3-Digit}
-Even/Odd Pocket Book {3-Digit}
-I Spy Subtraction {Regrouping in the ones place}
-I Spy Subtraction {Regrouping in the tens and ones place}
-Triple Digit Subtraction Word Problem Scoot
-Show Your Work Flap-Books {2}
-Regroup/Don’t Regroup Flapbook {3-Digit}
-Even/Odd Flapbook {3-Digit)
-2 Subtract and Match Printables {3-Digit}
-Spin and Subtract with spinners
-Roll and Subtract (just need dice)

Triple Digit Stations:

Scoopin’ Up Addition: Add and Match
Spin Me Around: Spin and Add
Poppin’ Up Addition: Add and Sort by Even/Odd
Farmer Brown’s Addition Crew: Add and Order Sums from Least to Greatest
It’s a Whale of a Problem: Add and Compare Sums

Racing Through Subtraction: Subtract and Match and Sort by Even/Odd
Buggy Subtraction: Spin and Subtract
Snap and Subtract: Subtract and Sort by Regrouping/Don’t Regroup
Begging For Answers: A Subtraction Board Game
Chew and Subtract: Subtract and Sort by True/False Differences

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