Bar Graph and Pictograph Activities



Are you looking for a mix of no-prep bar graphs and pictograph activities? This resource includes bar graph and pictograph posters, worksheets, graphing questions, interactive graphs, class graphs, class surveys, group projects, and more! Your students will be reading graphs and analyzing data in no time!

Here’s What is Included:

  • 6 Graph Posters
  • 9 Graphing Printables- reading and making graphs
  • 8 Graph Talks with graphs to display and discuss
  • 5 Interactive Graphs with questions
  • 10 Class Graphs with graph title, category labels, student cards to graph, bar graph printable, and pictograph printable
  • 10 Class Surveys with graph titles and student printables
  • Creating Graphs Group Project
  • Graph Craft


***Download (not just click to view, but download to your computer and open in Adobe) Preview for a Free Graphing Activity! Or click HERE to view!

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