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Spring Activity

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day in the Dallas area!  All of this great weather is just making it that much harder to keep the kids engaged and out of trouble.  I can tell that these last 9 weeks are going to be a struggle, so I’ve gotta be on my A-game (if that’s even possible at this point!).
Well, my kids were all kinds of wound up towards our normal center time, so I knew that centers would not fly today {This is how I pictured they would turn out:  my class would be destroyed and 20 kids would be running around the room tearing all of my pretties down while I would just be sitting in the corner crying my eyes out.  Okay, maybe I’m being a LITTLE dramatic:)} Either way, I knew I had to come up with something quick.  I did a quick Pinterest search and came up with a little Spring Craftivity…
Here’s how that turned out (I just cut different colored paper into 1″ X 6″ strips and made a quick cloud pattern for my kids to trace onto 2 different colors of blue).
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They really spruced up our lockers!
Here’s where I found the original idea.  Click the picture to go to their link.
Oh… to start the activity, we used this little bubble map from my Spring Has Sprung Centers (click on the picture to download this page for free!)  We took it outside and brainstormed different adjectives that described Spring.  After about 15 minutes outside, we went inside to finish up.  I had them bring me their bubble maps so that I could fix spelling AND words that were not adjectives.  After I had proofed their adjectives, they started to make their little rainbow craftivity!
Let me just tell you that this little rainbow saved my afternoon!  Where would we be without Pinterest, seriously?!



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  1. What a cute idea!!! I saw something like this using each child's name and adjectives but I do those kind of poems for my kiddos at the end of the year so I don't want to spoil my poems. SO this gives me an idea of who I can use the rainbows and adjectives! Thanks so much for sharing! My kiddos are feeling spring fever too and we have conferences and then spring break! EEK!

  2. God Bless You for being a teacher!! I could never do your job! I would be over in the corner crying my eyes out 90% of the time πŸ˜‰

  3. I WISH we could access Pinterest at school – they recently blocked it (I'm working on IT to unblock it) and I have so many things on there I'd love to access while at school!!! So cute Amy!

  4. Hi Amy! Your blog is so inspirational and has a new teacher it makes me so hopeful of what my future leads with teaching. Right now I couldn't even think about time of starting a blog but you inspire me to go down this row hopefully in the future. I had to go to your Spring posts because here on the East coast I am so sick of the winter we have had. My mind has just been thinking Spring and I am ready for the kiddos to go outside for recess!

    I am so happy you that the first post I came across was of 3d shapes and even better it was FREE! I already downloaded it and am so excited to use it and share it with the other two second grade teachers on my team. We will be covering 3D shapes in our next unit and this is an outstanding resource!

    I have to say I am inspired by your incorporation on centers. I am trying to build my centers for each month now and is a very daunting task. I love your centers and they are so hands on with the use of manipulatives, pictures, and kid friendly. I hope I can find the time to use centers even more in my classroom!

    Last, that life cycle of the frog on the hat is AWESOME! It would be something new for my kids and the idea that they can own it and master the cycle and then wear it is super fun. We could do this with a frog or butterfuly or the life cycle of multiple animals. I AM DEF. GOING TO TRY THIS!

    Thanks so much for taking the time out of your crazy schedule to put together such a wonderful resource and tool for other second grade teachers. Your ideas are outstanding and I can't wait to incorporate some of your things into my own classroom.

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