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Updating the Guest Bathroom

There are a few spots in our house that I want to update over the summer. The guest bathroom was one of those spots. I’ve decorated it a few different ways over the years, but nothing has ever stuck. Then a few weeks ago I found a piece of artwork from Target that I just knew we had to have. It became my inspiration and the anchor for the update.

bathroom update 6 1

This is the artwork that inspired me. Isn’t it absolutely beautiful?! After selecting this picture, I was able to then find the other items we needed. I also took out the towel bar and replaced it with hooks. This is one of my favorite ways to make a big impact in the bathroom without having to spend a lot of money.

bathroom update 3

Artwork / Hooks / Towels / Shower Curtain

We have a small vanity in the guest bathroom, so there isn’t room to do just a ton of decorating, but I managed to squeeze in some vases. I love woven vases and their natural look… and those poms on it make it even better! This other piece of artwork is just perfect for this side of the bathroom.

bathroom udpate 4 1

Woven Vase / Ceramic Vases / Artwork / Soap Dispenser

The space between the toilet and cabinet always becomes just a large empty space. I found hanging wall baskets that filled it perfectly.

bathroom update 2 1

Woven Vase / Wall Baskets / Picture Frame

We can now check this off our list! Time to move on to another summer project.

updating our guest bathroom

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