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Activities for Writing Sentences and Ending Punctuation



Writing complete sentences and using correct punctuation can be a difficult thing for little ones. This pack will help your students distinguish between different types of sentences as well as form complete sentences.

This download includes:
-A brainstorming activity where students brainstorm sentences that end in . ? !
-Sentence call-out: Teacher calls out sentences from the cards and students hold up the correct punctuation marks
-Sentence Flapbook: Students generate sentences for each flap
-Asking/Telling Pocket Book: Students make their pocket book and sort the sentences included into the correct pockets
-Complete/Incomplete Sentence Sort
-6 Incomplete sentence pages where students turn the incomplete sentence into a complete sentence and draw a picture.
-Examples of charts you can make for you class
-4 Make a Sentence pages where students cut out the words, unscramble, and glue into a sentence. Students write the sentence and draw
-Super Sentence Headband: Students make a “hat” to show the 3 different types of punctuation marks. Templates included
-3 Super Hero Punctuation sheets where students generate 5 sentences for each punctuation mark and color the punctuation super hero!


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