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Tornado {A Novel Companion}



Every year my students love reading the novel “Tornado” by Betsy Byars. They fall in love with the fun and friendly dog, Tornado! We use this book as a whole group novel study. Here’s what included so you can have fun with this chapter book as well!

-Tornado Story Booklet: with dog craft as a front cover and reading response pages

-Tornado Chapter Mini-Booklet: pages to be used for each chapter

-Graphic Organizers: Venn Diagram, KWL, Main Idea, Problem/Solution

-Comprehension Checks: each chapter has a set of five questions that will require short- answer responses

-Vocabulary Match: each chapter has between 6-8 vocabulary words that the students will match with their definition

-I Can Infer: Students read excerpts from the text to make their inferences (3 pages)

-My Storm Story: students write their own tornado story

-Fact or Opinion Sort

-True or False Sort

-Answer Keys


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