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Addition and Subtraction Strategies: THE BUNDLE!



This Bundle contains the following three units! If you already own these units, please do not purchase again!
Learning Our Addition Strategies
Learning Our Subtraction Strategies
Addition and Subtraction Math Stations

Math Station Description:
3-8: Add and Match- Students match the addition sentence to the sum. (sums up to 18)
9-14: Subtract and Match- Students match the subtraction sentence to the difference. (subtracting from 12 and below)
15-17: Spin and Add- Students spin both spinners to find the addends. Then, students add the two numbers together to find the sum. (sums up to 17)
18-20: Spin and Subtract- Students spin both spinners. Then, students subtract the number from Spinner B from the number from Spinner A. Students write the difference. (subtracting from 12 and below)
21-25: Find the Missing Addend- Students match the missing addend with the addition sentence. (sums up to 16)
26-30: Find the Missing Number- Students match the missing number with the subtraction sentence. (subtracting from 15 and below)
31-34: Addition Puzzles- Students match the 2 addends to the sum to complete the puzzles. (sums up to 17)
35-38: Minus 1, 2, 3- Students subtract 1, 2, and 3 from each number card. (subtracting from 17 and below)
39-41: Addition BINGO- with sums up to 24
41-43: Subtraction BINGO- with differences up to 23

Addition Strategies Description:
*Strategy Cards for:
Counting On
Double Up
Related Facts
Make Ten
Make a Model
*smaller sizes for student journals added 9/9/14*

*Making Doubles Craft: Double Dude (all templates included) Plus a template to make a Making Tens Man! Students display their facts on craft

*Related Facts House Craft- students make a fact family house (all templates included)

*Flip-Flop Strategy Craft- students make flip flops to show their strategy

*Addition Flap-Books (3 options)- students write addition facts for the sums given

*Addition Pocket-Book- students solve addition problems and sort by strategy: Making Ten and Double Up

*Make a Model Practice Page

*Related Facts Sort

3 Games:
*It’s War
*Flip-Flop Match
*Count On!

*My Addition Booklet- 5 addition word problems

Subtraction Strategies: Here’s what is included:
-7 Strategy Posters: Counting Up, Counting Back, Subtract All, Subtract Zero, Using Doubles, Related Facts, Make a Model (and small posters for students as well)
-Subtraction Resources: Numbers Line to 10, Number Line to 20, Open Number Line, Hundreds Chart in 3 sizes (all for student use)
-2 Subtraction Pocket Books: Subtract All and Zero, and Sort Answers by Even/Odd
-2 Subtraction Flapbooks with problems to sort
-Subtraction Booklet- students draw pictures to solve the subtraction word problems (8 pages)
-Pop Those Problems- a Subtraction Hot Air Balloon Craftivity
-Extra Practice: Make a model, Solve and Sort, 2 Spin and Subtract printables
-4 Subtraction Stations:
1. Subtraction match-up
2. Subtraction True/False
3. Find the Difference
4. Order the Answers


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