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2 Digit Addition and Subtraction {THE BUNDLE}



Looking for an all-in-one solution for activities to teach Double-digit addition and subtraction? This 2-digit resource with regrouping bundle features math centers, games, step-by-step lessons, posters, crafts, and more! I’ve also included equations without regrouping to help differentiate!

This Double-Digit Addition and Subtraction Unit Includes the following three units (if you have already purchased this unit please do not purchase the bundle!!):
Addition with Regrouping
Subtraction with Regrouping
I Can Regroup Centers

I Can Regroup unit includes: (There are 11 Math Centers/Games in this download)

–> Addition (with and without regrouping) Games/Centers:

  • I’m On a Roll: Dice Game
  • Match it Up: Matching Game
  • Line ’em Up: Ordering Sums Game
  • I Spin ‘Round: Spinner Game with spinners
  • Sort it Out: Regroup/don’t regroup sort
  • True/False: Students sort addition problems


–> Subtraction Centers/Games:

  • I’m On a Roll Subtraction: Dice Game
  • I Spin ‘Round Subtraction: Spinner Game
  • Solve and Compare: Greater than/Less than game
  • Subtract and Spell
  • Find The Difference: Subtract and order


Subtraction With Regrouping unit includes:

  • 4 Posters (in color and black and white)
  • Posters for students
  • Ladybug Craftivity with all templates included to review checking subtraction problems.
  • Elephant Craftivity with all templates included to review checking subtraction problems.
  • “I Spy” Subtraction with regrouping activity and cards
  • Subtraction with regrouping word problems
  • Subtraction and Addition Key Words Sort
  • Subtraction with regrouping writing prompt
  • Student Workspace
  • Place Value Mats
  • Subtraction with regrouping worksheet
  • Subtraction with regrouping activity with even/odd sort
  • Subtraction with regrouping flapbook- all needed contents included (goes with rhyme)
  • Subtraction and Addition pocket book- all needed contents included
  • Solve and Match (2 printables)
  • Solve and Match by Even/odd (2 printables)
  • 4 Flapbooks: 2 Solve and Show your work, 1 sort by even/odd, 1 sort by regroup/not regroup


Addition With Regrouping unit includes:

  • A visual to remember the step by step regrouping process
  • A regrouping mini-poster
  • A small poem
  • Student workspace page
  • Place Value Charts
  • Flapbook to sort regrouping and not-regrouping problems
  • Writing prompt
  • Story Problems
  • “I Spy” Double Digit Addition Problem Activity
  • Ice Cream Craftivity that includes counting coins and addition with regrouping!
  • 2 Flapbooks to solve problems
  • Flapbook and problems to sort by even/odd
  • Flapbook and problems to sort by regrouping/don’t regroup
  • 2 Solve and Match – match the answer to the problem
  • 2 Solve and Match- solve and match by even/odd
  • Adding 3-digit numbers (no regrouping)
  • Adding 4-digit numbers (no regrouping
  • Adding 3 and 4-digit numbers (no regrouping)


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