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Christmas Units: THE BUNDLE!



This Bundle contains the following three units! If you already own these units, please do not purchase again!!
Here Comes Christmas
Deck the Classroom
Christmas Craze
I’m An Elf Writing Craftivity

Christmas Craze:
1. Letter to Santa- templates and writing paper
2. Reindeer Hat- templates
3. The Night Before the Night Before Christmas by Natasha Wing: Comprehension quiz and answers, writing prompt, problem/solution activity
4. The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy by Jane Thayer: Comprehension quiz and answers, Present BME craftivity book
5. Olive, the Other Reindeer by J. Otto Seibold and Vivian Walsh: Comprehension quiz and answers, sequencing activity, venn diagram
6. Mooseltoe by: Margie Palatini: Comprehension quiz and answers, Sequencing Activity, Writing Prompt
7. Merry UnChristmas by: Mike Reiss: Comprehension quiz and answers, First/Next/Then/Last writing paper, Pros/Cons activity

English Activities:
8. Making Words
9. Nouns/Adj/Verbs cut/paste sort
10. Common/Proper cut/paste sort
11. Describe Santa- adjective activity
12. Fix the Sentences
13. Sort the Verbs cut/paste present and past verbs

Here Comes Christmas:
Literacy Centers:
1. ABC Order with 16 words
2. Making Words Plural with s, es, ies- sorting the word and adding the ending
3. Ending Puncuation with ? and . -sorting the sentences and adding the punctuation
4. Contraction Match matching the contractions to the words
5. Writing Center- students choose a picture and write a story

Math Centers:
1. Put 3 digit numbers in order from least to greatest and color even/odd
2. Match analog/digital clocks
3. Double Digit Addition Problems (2 versions- 1 set with regrouping and 1 set without regrouping)
4. Numbers that come before and after with color even/odd (3 digit numbers)
5. Making 3 digit numbers- using the numbers 0-9 to make the smallest number possible and the largest number possible

Deck the Classroom:
– Christmas Light Bulb: craft, BME book, writing paper (2 options)
– Rudolph: craft, writing paper, reindeer food tags
– Christmas Tree: craft, writing paper, flapbook
– Ornament: craft, writing paper, acrostic poem, making words

Elf Writing
Here’s what’s included:
-Elf Templates (for boy and girl)
-Several Writing Pages


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