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Living Room Refresh for the Summer

Are you on summer break yet? Ours officially started on Monday, and we could not be more excited.

Now that we are on break, I thought I would share a little peek into our life at home. I think it’s good to take a breather from ALL things teaching-related every once in a while. I’ll still be sharing activities, ideas, and resources, but I’ll throw some real-life moments in as well!

First up, a living room refresh for the summer.

In the summer I like to add in pops of yellow to bring the sunshine indoors. You can see what my living room looked like in the fall HERE and the winter HERE. My main decorating colors are black and white so that I can just change out a few things here and there. I can basically add in any color and it works with the black and white backdrop!

I should also mention that I spent ZERO dollars doing this. I shopped around my house and just did a lot of rearranging. I will share any link that I could find, but so many of these things I have had for years!

living room refresh 1

Most of this area stayed the same. I added a yellow blanket, yellow stems, and put a lighter green wreath on my brown ladder. I just attach the wreath to the ladder with twine. Our quilts were all made with fabric from our trips to Africa, so they all hold special memories for us! They were made by Sewful Creations, and she is WONDERFUL! These blanket ladders attach to the wall. You can find them HERE (but wait for them to be 50% off)

{Yellow stems / Let’s Stay Home Sign / Brown ladder and blanket holder is from HERE / Yellow Blanket / Blanket Ladders / Woven Vase

You can’t see my rug, but I get questions about it ALL the time. It is from Lowe’s and is the BEST rug we have ever had! You can find it HERE. We have the 8 x 10 in gray.

Now I want to show you the steps I take when I am decorating a shelf.

decorating a shelf 1

First up, I start with a clean slate. I pull everything off and place it in the middle of the room. Then I dust…booooooo! My ladder shelf is 15 years old, but I found some great options on Amazon. THIS ONE is the same size. THESE are really cute too! Both options have great reviews!

decorating a shelf 2 1

Next I get all of my small vases and set one on each shelf. I try to place them randomly and not in any type of pattern. Notice how they are not in a straight line or color pattern! All of these vases came from the Target Dollar Spot and Hobby Lobby, but I cannot find them online.

decorating a shelf 3 1

After I place the vases, I put a picture frame on each shelf. I try to stick with white picture frames so it is cohesive. You can find similar frames HERE, HERE, and HERE.

decorating a shelf 4 1

Last up, I fill in with smaller decor items like candles, colorful vases, birds, etc. This helps gives each shelf a little bit of variety. I try to keep things in groups of 3, but also added a group of 4 to break up the monotony.

summer living room refresh

On top of the shelf I have a white window pane for height. Mine is not available anymore, but I LOVE THIS one. It is the same height and color as mine. Then I placed a topiary and metal bird off to the side, but still layered a bit in front of the window to give it that cozy feel.

And that about does it for the living room refresh! Hope you enjoyed getting a peek into our home.

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  1. Hey there Amy,
    Is your living room rug that you linked easy to clean? I am nervous about how light it is and not sure how easy it is to maintain. Could you enlighten me a little, please?

    1. We have never had any issues with it at all, and never even had to spot clean! I think since it is not white that helps a lot!