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Let’s Take a Break Part 3

I think by now you can sense a trend. I’m avoiding all things school-related by working on some things around our house. I rarely spend this much time organizing, but for some reason I got on this kick and haven’t stopped yet!

So far I’ve organized my pantry, closet, and bathroom. This past weekend I decided to tackle my laundry room. I actually did more of a “refresh” than I did of an organizational haul.


I have never really put time or energy into our laundry room. I loathe everything about the laundry process. My laundry room isn’t huge, but it’s large enough to serve its purpose. AND, I only purchased a few things to get this project done:

Black and White Laundry Basket (it’s really large!) This holds my clean clothes that need to be folded.

Laundry Hamper

Gray Baskets: These are for detergent and fabric softener

Set of Three Shelves

My favorite part of my laundry room is this board that sits on top of my machines. Jared and I had that cut to fit at Lowe’s many years ago. The only thing I did was change out the fabric to match my black and white color scheme. It serves as a folding surface, but most importantly it keeps socks, underwear, and rags from dropping through the cracks!


I had such a dud of a hamper before this one. It was AWFUL. Amazon has so many really really good options. I knew I wanted something that was black and had sections. HERE is the one I found.


I didn’t necessarily need these gray baskets, but I really liked them a lot. I loved the felt with leather look. They would be really cute in a nursery as well! I put all of our laundry detergent, fabric softener, etc. in those bins. That way we can access it easily but it’s still contained to one spot.


I don’t think I’ve ever decorated a laundry room before… and this is my 5th laundry room! But, I wanted to add a little bit of decor just to make it more cozy. I found these small shelves on Amazon and loaded them up with small containers I had around the house. In the little pots I have extra laundry supplies like detergent pods.

I’ve had these felt letter boards for a while now, and never know what to do with them. I use them mostly for picture walls or holiday decorating. In between uses I have always stuffed them in my pantry. I decided to hang them up in the laundry with command strips so that I can take them off easily when I need to use them elsewhere. It serves as storage and decor!

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laundry room refresh

That’s it for now! Tomorrow I’ll be back with a post all about storing your curriculum in notebooks. See ya soon!

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