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Happy August, teacher friends! I know this month brings a lot of different emotions for you… sad that summer is coming to a close, excited for a fresh start, nervous about a new school year, overwhelmed with all the work that needs to get done, and basically ALL THE FEELS. You may already be back with your students. You may still have some summer left to enjoy. Or you may be back at the school doing a little beginning of the year prep. Either way, I have a FREE activity just for you and a look at a brand new resource.

The best part? These are NO PREP. They are digital. They are printable. They have answer keys. They check all the boxes! Click HERE to find out more info.

Math Station for 2 Digit Place Value

First, let’s look at Colorful Numbers. Students are shown a 2-digit number. Students use the key to determine how many tens and ones they have. Students choose the number that is represented.

Math Station for Telling Time

Next, we have Write On Time! Students are shown an analog clock. Students look at the clock and choose the time that is shown. All of these clocks review time to the hour and time to the half hour.

Math Station for Word Problems

After that we have Solvin’ at School. Students solve addition and subtraction word problems. Students choose the correct answer.

Math Station for Number Order

Then we have Classroom Line Up. Here students are given three kiddos each wearing a 2 digit number. Students line up the children from least to greatest. They choose the correct number order.

Math Station for Counting Coins

Last up is Back to School Shopping. Students are shown a collection of dimes, nickels, and pennies. Students count the coins. Students choose the object that they would be able to purchase with those coins.

FREE Math Station for Comparing Numbers

Now I have a FREE math station just for you! Comparing apples is an activity where students are given 2 2-digit numbers. They need to compare the numbers. Students choose the comparison symbol they would use to compare the two numbers.

free comparing numbers math activity

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